A. Background

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a revolution in the way we live, work and learn. Particularly, the COVID-19 has changed the educational landscape globally.
To learn the newest technological solutions and innovative strategies for improving teacher capacity, as well as developing future skills for students and teachers during the lockdown and in the post COVID pandemic, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Secretariat (SEAMEO Secretariat) has collaborated with the global educational leaders and partners to organise series of SEAMEO-Partner’s Master Class.

Specifically, the SEAMEO-Partner’s Master Class aims to:

  • Share advanced knowledge/expertise and up-to-date solutions from the SEAMEO Partners that can contribute to future skills development, and teacher professional  development;  
  • Broaden the viewpoint in the technological innovations as a response diversity; and  
  • Provide opportunities for students and teachers to explore new technologies and innovative solutions. 


B. SEAMEO-New Zealand Collaboration

Officially admitted as an Associate Member Country in 1973, New Zealand's cooperative relations with SEAMEO include scholarships and provision of experts for SEAMEO Regional Centres.

In 2021, the SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with Education New Zealand (ENZ), the New Zealand Government agency responsible for international education organised the 1st SEAMEO-New Zealand Master Class (Virtual) under the theme “Education Technology and Digital Security” on 30 September 2021. the event gained remarkable results as follows: 

  • Total pre-registration number: 21,795 registrants  
  • Total participants during live: 10,750 participants
  • Current viewers in YouTube : 67,296 viewers (as of 22 April 2022)


C. 2nd SEAMEO-New Zealand Master Class

With the success of the 1st  SEAMEO New Zealand Master Class in 2021, the SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with ENZ will jointly organise the 2nd SEAMEO-New Zealand Master Class with the theme “Digital Revolution for Education” on 24 May 2022 at 09.00-11.00 hrs (Bangkok Time/GMT+7).

Learning Event 2nd SEAMEO-New Zealand Master Class
Theme Digital Revolution for Education  
Date Tue 24 May 2022
Time 9.00-11.00 hrs (GMT+7/BKK Time)/ 14.00-16.00 hrs (NZ Time)  
Registration Fee No
Participants Policy makers, ministry officers, school leaders, specialists, researchers, lecturers, teachers, general public 
Agenda Click to download
Pre-registration     Pre-registration by 20 May 2022
Pre-registration Link/QR Code 

How to join the Session  

Broadcast through the SEAMEO YouTube Channel

e-Certificate     Provided to the participants who fill-up the “Certificate Validation Form” of which details will appear at the end of the event.


D. Experts as our Speakers


E. About Education New Zealand (ENZ)

Education New Zealand (ENZ) is New Zealand’s government agency for building international education. ENZ promotes New Zealand as a study destination and support the delivery of education services offshore.