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Announcement of Winner


The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat 
expresses thanks to all Youth who participated in the SEAMEO Youth Action on COVID-19 (SEAYA) Competition.
We are pleased to announce the Award Winners in each Category (Dance and Song/ Vlog/Story Telling) as listed in the table below.
Here are the prize that the winners and the participants would receive.
The 1st Winner will get 200 USD with 1st Prize Award-Winning Certificate.
The 2nd and 3rd Winner would get the Award-Winning Certificate.
All of the nominated entries would get a certificate of participation.

The participants would be contacted for further details after the announcement.
Award-Winning Clips would also be streamed through SEAMEO Secretariat Youtube Live! Session on 26th November 2020 to celebrate SEAMEO’s 55th Anniversary.


Dance and Song
Rank Title of the Clip Applicant Name Youtube Link Prize
1st Winner SEAYA_We Can Defeat This_Dance and Song Reinehard T. Aytona and
Roayette T. Aytona
and 1st Prize Award-Winning Certificate
2nd Winner SEAYA_Make A Change_Song
  • Mizty Shane Eneria,
  • Paul Resty Arcega,
  • John Aundrey Francisco,              
  • Vince Anthony Tatlonghari,
  • Aljay Bonayog,
  • Laika Joy Martin
CLICK 2nd Prize Award-Winning Certificate
3rd Winner SEAYA_HIMALA(MIRACLE)SONG Tara, AB COMM! CLICK 3rd Prize Award-Winning
Rank Title of the Clip Applicant Name Youtube Link Prize
1st Winner SEAYA “Quarantine to Quaranthings”_Vlog Julien Dolor V. Elmido
and 1st Prize Award-Winning Certificate
2nd Winner SEAYA_How Are You? (COVID-19 and Youth)_Vlog Princess Ann Ruzol
CLICK 2nd Prize Award-Winning Certificate
3rd Winner SEAYA_ThankYouCovid_Vlog Jehzmir P. Palma
CLICK 3rd Prize Award-Winning
Story Telling
Rank Title of the Clip Applicant Name Youtube Link Prize
1st Winner SEAYA_Alien Visits Earth_Storytelling Chloe Nicole Borja
and 1st Prize Award-Winning Certificate
2nd Winner SEAYA_Online class in the middle of pandemic _Story telling Cambay Reynold and Bionzo Jade Troy
CLICK 2nd Prize Award-Winning Certificate
3rd Winner SEAYA_Contagious_Storytelling Apriliaa Annie Sanie
CLICK 3rd Prize Award-Winning



Since the start of the pandemic in late 2019, COVID-19 has not only huge impacts on the educational landscape but also the overall living aspects of youths worldwide. At present, 1.7 Billion learners all over the world have been impacted by school closures1 and remote learning has been a lifeline for learning. With lockdowns, enhanced quarantine measures, and school closures, everyone is affected and concerns are mounting up on the unintended effects of school closures to learning in every level and quality of the youth’s lives, especially psychosocial and mental stress.

One of many responses that SEAMEO has initiated in the time of pandemic is SEAMEO Ministerial Policy e-Forum on COVID-19 Response on 18 June 2020 to broadcast the policies and responses of Ministries of Education in Southeast Asia to the pandemic. During the e-forum, the Ministers put forward the commitments through the Joint Statement and one of the commitments is to be united in the fight of pandemic and appreciate the efforts of stakeholders in education sectors to innovate and evolve in the unprecedented time2. The Ministers of Education further recommended the SEAMEO Secretariat and its Units (the SEAMEO Centres and Network) to sustain the achievements gained in the fight against COVID-19 disruption to improve learning outcomes.3 Creating a platform for Southeast Asian Youth (15-25 years) to showcase their experiences in dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 on their lives in creative and innovative ways is aligned with the Ministerial recommendation on the role of SEAMEO to enhance the youth’s learning capacities.

In line with SEAMEO’s motto “leading through learning”, SEAMEO prioritized learning in every way in- and outside of the classroom. SEAMEO sees that the wellbeing of Youth as a person is not less important than the quality and access to education. Therefore, in order to gain insights into the youth well-being and learning situation in the region during the COVID-19 pandemic, SEAMEO Secretariat conducted a survey to identify the impacts of the pandemic on Southeast Asian youth (15-25 years). Apart from Health and Resources' concerns, 47.67% of youth expressed that they experienced psychosocial and mental stress and they would like to seek social and mental health support. 4

Interestingly, while the majority of the respondents at 36.96% reported that they were facing challenges and difficulties in education and career, 17.12% reported that they had a positive outlook and the emergency situation urged them to improve themselves. Only 7.89% said that they lacked skills and felt depressed about the situation. Additionally, the youth’s positive outlook reflected on the surveyed top 3 greatest lessons learnt by youth, which are staying healthy (34.21%), having faith and positive attitude (23.80%), and prioritizing self-developing and time managing (12.09%). 5 Even though the majority of Southeast Asian youths have experienced psychosocial and mental stress, they were able to handle and remained optimistic.

Building on the survey, the further question to be addressed is how the youth could handle a situation which they said have disheartened them with optimism and positive outlooks. In conjunction with its 55th Anniversary on 30 November 2020, SEAMEO would like to explore the answers by identifying and compiling youth’s creative and innovative actions in response to COVID-19 and assist their holistic transition to a New Normal lifestyle. Hence, SEAMEO deems it is necessary to provide a platform to consolidate and broadcast the inspiring activities and stories of the youth in the form of video clips. 

1Education: From disruption to recovery. (2020, June 15). UNESCO Retrieved August 15, 2020,
2SEAMEO Secretariat. (2020, June 18). SEAMEO Ministerial Policy e-Forum on C O V I D - 19 Response [Video]. Youtube.
3Joint Statement of Ministers of Education SEAMEO Ministerial Policy e-Forum on COVID-19 Response. Page 2 Paragraph 4.
4Report on Southeast Asian Youth during COVID-19 Pandemic: Embracing the “New Normal” and the Future of Work
5Report on Southeast Asian Youth during COVID-19 Pandemic: Embracing the “New Normal” and the Future of Work


The #SEAMEOYouthAction (SEAYA) aims to consolidate and broadcast the video clips on creative responses from Youth (15-25 years old) regarding the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and many disruptive consequences the Youth are experiencing. Moreover, the showcase of how Youth in Southeast Asia could take actions towards the pandemic strongly and innovatively is one of the best ways that SEAMEO could celebrate its 55th anniversary.
The broadcasting of video clips together with an intellectual guiding message from the experts/ moderators will:

  • Provide an inspirational knowledge management platform and experiences exchange among youth and individuals in the region
  • Identify actual opportunities and challenges faced by Southeast Asian youth during the disaster period from the youth’s perspective
  • Identify the changes and ways forward for “New Normal” Youth lifestyle
  • Identify innovative ways to address the needs of and communicate with disadvantaged youth

Video Content Requirements

Youth (15-25 years old) are encouraged to create and submit a short video clip of 3 to 5 minutes maximum with authentic creative contents showcasing their positive responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3 accepted content categories of the creative video clips include:

  1. Dance and Song
  2. Vlog
  3. Storytelling

Submission Guidelines

Please be noted that only the video clips that follow the guidelines will be accepted.

The participants have to upload the video clips to your own YouTube channel and email the  YouTube link to with following details:

  • Email Title: [Clip Submission]_Clip Title_ Clip Category
    ** please begin with the word “clip submission” follow by (1) the clip title and (2) category of the clip.
    • Email Title:
      [Clip Submission]_Your Clip’s Title_ Your Clip’s Category (Dance and Song/ Vlog/ Storytelling)

  • Email Content:
    1. Participant(s) name, country, email address, and or social media
    2. Title of the clip
    3. Category of the clip (Dance and Song/ Vlog/Storytelling)


The submitted VDO clips must follow these guidelines:

  1. VDO Title
    • Please add the word “SEAYA” in front of your VDO clip title i.e. SEAYA_Your Clip’s Title_Your Clip’s Category (Dance and Song/ Vlog/Storytelling)

      Clip Title:
      SEAYA_Your Clip’s Title_Your Clip’s Category (Dance and Song/ Vlog/ Storytelling)

  2. VDO Clip Format
    • MP4 format (H264) with the minimum resolution of 720p (not over 1080p).

  3. Content
    • An individual or group can perform in the VDO.
    • The content in the video clip should be relevant to the theme, original, and creative.
    • It is recommended that you compose the song on your own related to the theme particularly for the singing category.
    • The content use English is preferable.
    • The non English video clips should contain a subtitle. Make sure the voice and the text are synchronized.

  4. VDO Introduction and closing
    • An opening scene at the start of the video (Download at You have to put it at the beginning of the video)
    • Photo of performer(s)
    • You can make your credit title containing all of the casts and crew as a closing scene.

  5. Copy Rights regulation
    • Please add a free-use-non-commercial Attribution (CC BY-SA) mark at the bottom part of the video clips. For more info regarding the list of attribution, you can take a look at If you are using the other people's content, make sure it is free licensed content.

  6. Legal aspects:
    • Concerning that, all of the video clips will be uploaded on the YouTube site. All of the videos should be defined clearly according to the Creative Commons license so that it will not be takedown by YouTube.
    • As for License and Legal on YouTube, you can read it through
    • SEAMEO Secretariat will not use your video any other than for educational purpose, non-commercial thing. Your video will be one of the SEAMEO Secretariat contents; SEAMEO Secretariat should obey the attribution in your video clips.
    • You might as well use your video for any educational purpose.
    • All copyright, moral rights, and rights of personality for all content, including music and actors, must be cleared.

Expected Output

The SEAYA youth creative videos on COVID-19 responses would be consolidated and broadcasted through SEAMEO Secretariat YouTube Channel. The videos would reach a huge number of youth and individuals in the region as currently, the channel has well over 50,000 subscribers.


One winner will be chosen for each category (Dance and Song, Vlog, and Storytelling). The winner will receive a prize USD 200 to support activities in relation to the winning innovative project or idea as well as certificate of recognition. The winners will be announced in SEAMEO Secretariat website and social media.

Category Prize (1 prize per category)
Dance and Song USD 200
Vlog USD 200
Storytelling USD 200

Timeline for Paper Submission and Selection

Activity Timeline Remarks
Call for VDO clips submission 01 October 2020 SEAMEO Secretariat
Submission of VDO clips 22 October 2020 SEA Youth (15-25 years old)
Submission of VDO clips [Extended] 6 November 2020 SEA Youth (15-25 years old)
Review and Approval of the VDO clips 26 October – 10 November 2020 SEAMEO Secretariat
Selected Clip Announcement 10 November 2020 SEAMEO Secretariat
Live Sessions on YouTube 19 November 2020 Dance & Song Team Vlog Team Storytelling team

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