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In a world driven by connectivity and information sharing, effective communication has become the cornerstone of progress and understanding. In this edition of our newsletter, we explore the multi-facets of communication and its impact on our lives. From media literacy ethics to harnessing the power of social media for education, we have a lineup of insightful articles that delve into the heart of communication.

In this edition, we also share the recorded webinar on Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning (OFDL), underscoring how effective communication is crucial in adapting to evolving educational landscapes.

Join us on this communication journey, where words and ideas connect us in meaningful ways, shaping the world we live in. Thank you for being a part of our community dedicated to fostering effective communication for a brighter future.

The Digital Revolution: Navigating the Ethics and Competencies of Media and Information Literacy

Wong Lai Cheng | Manager (Publication) | SEAMEO RECSAM

In recent years, digital and new media technologies have experienced significant growth. The advent of these media technologies have revolutionised the ways in which we inform, educate, and organise ourselves, bringing unprecedented opportunities for expression and access to information. These platforms allow us to easily search for information, maintain social contacts and to create and share information. Our society are not only media consumers, they can also be active media producers as long as they have the skills that enable them to participate fully in this new media communication environment.

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Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Teaching & Learning

Zahrani Balqis | Community Partnership, Marketing, and Publication | SEAMEO SEAMOLEC

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, with its purposes shifting from their original intent. It's no longer solely about connecting with unreachable individuals; users now harness these platforms for more valuable endeavours, such as education and learning. In today's digital age, acquiring knowledge via social media has become more accessible. Numerous specialised social media accounts dedicated to specific topics like education, health, sports, and more have emerged. Users can easily discover these accounts by utilising relevant hashtags, which guide them to the appropriate content. Furthermore, educators and teachers have seized the opportunity to enhance engagement with their students by hosting interactive learning sessions through social media platforms.

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Embracing Accessibility in Technology Towards Education for All

Fezny Othman | Media Officer | SEAMEO SEN

In an era marked by the pursuit of knowledge and the aspiration for a sustainable and resilient society, one imperative stands out: the need for expanded access to educational content. The world's progress depends on the widespread availability of educational materials and resources. In this pursuit, the embrace of open educational resources (OER) emerges as a powerful catalyst, offering the promise of swift and unfettered knowledge sharing. Through OER, we unlock the doors to a future where learning knows no boundaries, where knowledge is truly open to all.

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Waste Hero Education in Southeast Asia

Piyapa Su-angavatin | Programme Officer | SEAMEO SEPS

In a collaborative effort to champion waste management and recycling education throughout Southeast Asia, the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Sustainability (SEAMEO SEPS) has joined forces with Indorama Ventures PCL and the support of eight other dedicated partners. Together, they have embarked on an inspiring initiative known as the "Waste Hero Education" programme.

At the heart of this endeavour lies the "Waste Hero: Reduce to Zero Master Teacher Training Series", a comprehensive online training programme designed to empower educators in five Southeast Asian nations: the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Taking place from July to October 2023, this training series consists of three core pillars: Recycling Fundamentals, Creating Zero Waste, and Building the Circular Economy.

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Envisioning Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning (OFDL) - The Recorded Webinar

[Zoom] Webinar on Envisioning Open, Flexible and Distance Learning (OFDL) (Wed30Aug2023 1500-1600)

Online, flexible, distance learning (OFDL) continues to be a buzz term globally, but how does it fare in Southeast Asia? It is a region of duality, where both digital economy and digital divide burgeon. While over 70% of the population enjoys connectivity, some countries, not just areas within a country, lack adequate home access. In terms of education, as per SEAMEO Journal (2018), online learning platforms face significant hurdles in Southeast Asian colleges. These include high initial costs, sustainability concerns, post-completion employment recognition, and ensuring platform quality assurance. It is essential to reorganise online programmes to properly support educational systems.

Discover the reality of OFDL in Southeast Asia through this webinar organised by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) with the ICDE, International Council for Open and Distance Education. Learn about a study on online learning in Singapore, and how it presses the need to re-think pedagogical approach. Furthermore, find out about OFDL initiatives in the Philippines.

5th International Conference on Special Education 2023 and 1st Innovation for Disability Inclusive Education Competition (iDIEC) 2023

Mizanina Mohamad Madon | Programme Officer (Strategic Communication | SEAMEO SEN

SEAMEO SEN will be organising the 5th International Conference on Special Education and its concurrent event the 1st Innovation for Disability Inclusive Education Competition (iDIEC) 2023 during 4-5 October 2023 at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Selangor, Malaysia. 

The theme for this year’s conference, ‘Gearing Towards Disability-Inclusive Education Recovery’, reflects the pressing need to address the challenges posed by recent global events and to pave the way for recovery and progress in the field of special education.

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