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GEM Regional Report 2023 on Technology and Education: A Comprehensive Analysis of Southeast Asia's Education Landscape

In a ground breaking collaboration, SEAMEO and the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report Team have united their expertise to develop the highly anticipated GEM Regional Report 2023 on Technology and Education. The report aims to shed light on the gains and challenges of incorporating technology in education across Southeast Asia, with the primary objective of offering concrete education policy recommendations to optimize technology’s role in the teaching and learning process.

The GEM Regional Report 2023 focuses on key education challenges that can potentially be addressed by technology. These challenges encompass access, equity, and inclusion; quality; and system management. Moreover, the report delves into the essential conditions required for technology to effectively support education, including the availability of technology, governance and regulation, and the pivotal role of teachers.

To provide a comprehensive analysis, the regional report will feature compelling country case studies from Southeast Asia. In addition, it will draw on thematic background papers from distinguished SEAMEO Centres, namely INNOTECH, RECSAM, SEAMOLEC, and SEN. The report will also incorporate valuable inputs from Affiliate Members and esteemed partners, ensuring a well-rounded and insightful publication.

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