International Literacy Day (ILD) has been celebrated around the world since 1967 to advocate the importance of literacy towards the development and progress of societies.  This is also to highlight that literacy is “a matter of dignity and human rights”1

The theme of the International Literacy Day 2022 will be “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces”.  This year’s theme will center on discussions on how we are able to reframe, rethink, and subsequently transform learning spaces for literacy, whether at home, community centers, or in digital spaces, with the end in mind of building resilience for future disruptions and ensure quality, equitable, and inclusive education for all. It is crucial to reimagine literacy programmes and modalities to provide support to education systems to recover learning loss after the pandemic as well as adapt with the dynamic changes we are experiencing.

As part of worldwide celebrations during this day, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat will conduct a webinar for teachers, community learning centres, literacy programme providers, education leaders, and policymakers among others to discuss how we can transform literacy learning spaces in the context of our region through sharing of experiences and expertise from various stakeholders. Specifically, the webinar seeks to:

  • Discuss and share experiences, effective practices, and key strategies to transform literacy learning spaces; and
  • Provide recommendations on how best to rethink and reimagine learning spaces for literacy.

1International Literacy Day (https://www.unesco.org/en/days/literacy-day)



To provide a platform for literacy and as part of the celebrations for International Literacy Day 2022, SEAMEO Secretariat will be spearheading a webinar on Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces on 8 September 2022 at 14.00 – 16.00 hrs (Bangkok Time/GMT+7).


Learning Event Webinar on Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces
In celebration of International Literacy Day 2022
Theme Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces  
Date Thursday, 8 September 2022
Time 14.00-16.00 hrs (GMT+7/BKK Time)
Registration Fee No
Participants Policy makers, ministry officers, school leaders, literacy programme providers and implementers, specialists, researchers, lecturers, teachers, general public 
Agenda  Download
Pre-registration     Pre-registration by 7 September 2022
Pre-registration Link/QR Code

How to join the Session   Broadcast through the SEAMEO YouTube Channe https://link.seameo.org/SEAMEOIntlLiteracyDay2022

e-Certificate     Provided to the participants who fill-up the “Certificate Validation Form” of which details will appear at the end of the event.



The invited speakers are practitioners, policymakers, and experts on education with focus on literacy programmes and strategies to reimagine learning spaces.

Their expertise coupled with field experience will provide new perspectives that can be utilised by the webinar participants. Further, SEAMEO Centres will provide their reflections to encourage our participants how we can maximise the learnings from the webinar and move forward literacy in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Message for International Literacy Day 2022

Mr Raúl Valdés-Cotera
Team Leader
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Literacy Learning Spaces in Asia and the Pacific: Gains, Challenges, and Prospects

Ms. Cecilia Soriano
Regional Policy and Advocacy Coordinator
Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education
A Case Study: Experiences, Policy, and Strategies for Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces

Ms Punramol Sutthirit
Foreign Relations Officer, Professional Level
Division of Strategy and Planning
The Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education (ONIE)
Ministry of Education,
Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces: The Story of Danlog ALS Community Learning Center

Dr Lynn G. Mendoza
Officer-in-Charge, Schools Division Superintendent
Schools Division Office of Occidental Mindoro
Department of Education
Design Thinking: Strategies in Reimagining Literacy Learning Spaces

Mr Gerson Abesamis
Executive Director
Habi Education Lab
Reflections from SEAMEO Centres
Ms Wong Lai Cheng
Manager, Publication
Reflections from Aflatoun International on Social and Financial Literacy

Mr Lucky Lumingkewas
Senior Program Manager
Aflatoun International