SEAMEO Centres and Partners Innovative Online Lecture Series 2020

“Classroom Online: Innovative Strategies for the Digital Era”
October - November 2020



COVID-19 changed the face of education globally. 1.8 billion learners and youth across the world are affected, and remote learning has been a lifeline for learning. With lockdowns, increased lockout steps, and school suspensions, everybody is affected, and the unintended effects of school suspensions on learning are piling up. Issues such as access to, quality, and efficacy of non-traditional learning methods such as distance learning, alternative learning modalities, flexible learning options, home-schooling, and blended learning have emerged.

As an intergovernmental organisation in Southeast Asia with its 26 SEAMEO Units, SEAMEO promotes policy advocacy; provides technical and advisory services; and engages in capacity-building programmes, fora, research, and other intellectual and practical platforms and networks. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, SEAMEO and its Units work hand in hand by providing a SEAMEO Centres and Partners Innovative Online Lecture Series as a platform where the SEAMEO Units can share initiatives and efforts taken to tackle threats education particularly during the pandemic in Southeast Asia region and beyond.


The overarching objectives of the SEAMEO Centres and Partners Innovative Online Lecture Series 2020 are:      

  1. To provide up-to-date knowledge and competency needs for Southeast Asian teachers and learners in facing COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. To share innovative programmes from the SEAMEO Centre, such as, but not limited to, research output, teaching and learning experiences, and materials to teachers and students, particularly in Southeast Asia.
  3. To provide catch-up strategies for teaching and learning.

Scope and Mode of Delivery

The SEAMEO Centres and Partners Online Lecture Series Programme will be conducted by using video clips recorded by SEAMEO Centres and Partners, which will be broadcasted through online platforms, specifically WebEx and YouTube. The lectures shall be delivered in English. The lecturers are academically qualified SEAMEO Centre’s experts. Each video clips is a single session lecture with a duration ranging from 5 - 7 minutes.

The topics for the lecture series aim to update knowledge of the learners in highly technical and specific areas or concerning issues that are emerging in the Southeast Asia region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subject Areas of Lectures

The subject areas of SEAMEO Centres and Partners Innovative Online Lecture Series 2020 Programme will vary, depending upon the expertise of the Centre. Potential areas of engagement include:

  • Tropical Biology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Cultural and Youth Development
  • Tropical Medicine and Public Health
  • Agricultural Development and Natural Resource Management
  • Vocational Education
  • Higher Education
  • School Systems and Pedagogy Development
  • ICT for Education
  • Language Education
  • New Trends in Education for Science and Mathematics
  • Education for Special Needs
  • Preventive Health Education
  • Employability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mobile Technology for Learning
  • Others such as partnership development 

Video Clips Requirements

  1. The SEAMEO Centre may send 1 to 2 video clips of lectures to be a part of this programme
  2. The SEAMEO Centre to join this programme should produce 5-7 minutes of video/lecture clips in MP4 format (H264) with the minimum resolution of 720p (not over 1080p) related to the sub-themes as above.
  3. The content in the video clip should be relevant to the expertise of the Centre, innovative, and may include practical skills in the lecture.
  4. The video introduction should include the followings: 
    • An opening scene at the start of the video (kindly download at, you just have to put it at the beginning of the video)
    • SEAMEO Centre logo
    • SEAMEO logo
    • Lecturer’s name, position, country, email address, and or social media
    • Title/topic of the clip/lecture
    • Photo of lecturer
  5. Please add a free-use-non-commercial Attribution (CC BY-SA) mark at the bottom part of the video clips. For more info regarding the list of attribution, you can take a look at If you are using the other people's content, make sure it is free licensed content.
  6. The video clips may contain a subtitle according to how your video is. Make sure the voice and the text are synchronized.
  7. You can make your credit title containing all of the casts and crew as a closing scene.
  8. Legal aspects:
    • All of the videos will be uploaded via YouTube site
    • All of the videos should be defined clearly according to the Creative Commons license so that it will not be takedown by YouTube.
    • As for License and Legal on YouTube, you can read it through
    • SEAMEO Secretariat will not use your video any other than for educational purpose, non-commercial thing. Your video will be one of the SEAMEO Secretariat contents, SEAMEO Secretariat should obey the attribution in your video clips.
    • You might as well use your video for any educational purpose.
    • All copyright, moral rights, and rights of personality for all content, including music and actors, must be cleared.


Promotion and Dissemination

SEAMEO’s medium of promotion primarily includes the following:

  1. Email-blast:
    Announcement of upcoming online lecture series via SEAMEO Secretariat’s email-blast by using Mailchimp, which is conducted within the SEAMEO School Network, SEA-Teacher Network, SEA-TVET Network, and SEAMEO stakeholders, partners and other organisations. 
  2. Banner:
    Banners advertising new courses and lectures are uploaded on to the SEAMEO Secretariat’s and SEAMEO Centre’s web page.
  3. E-Flyer:
    Flyers of new lectures are sent via social media to prospective attendees within the SEAMEO Secretariat’s network. They are also sent to collaborating SEAMEO Centres and institutions for dissemination.


Monitoring and Evaluation

The success of this programme is evaluated by the number of participants during live broadcast, visits to YouTube, and feedback from the target audience through evaluation forms that will be provided.

Funding Support

The implementation of this programme will be based on a cost-sharing basis among the SEAMEO Secretariat and SEAMEO Centres as follows:   

  • SEAMEO Secretariat contributes staff in coordinating and organising the programme as well as the online platform.
  • SEAMEO Centres contributes lecturers and expertise in delivering the lecture series and supporting staff in organising the programme.


The lecturers decide who their target audience should be, and determine what level of education and academic background is required to be able to follow the lecture. Those requirements will be advertised on the SEAMEO Centres and Partners Innovative Online Lecture Series 2020 web page accordingly. The primary target audience should be teachers, students, and graduates from 11 Southeast Asian countries, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam. Other participants from beyond Southeast Asian countries are also welcome.


The e-certificate will be provided and generated by the SEAMEO Secretariat with a signature of the Secretariat’s Director as follows:

  • “Certificate of Appreciation” will be provided to the lecturer
  • “Certificate of Participation” will be provided to all participants who attend the lecture series and complete the Certificate Validation and Assessment Form.


Invitation to SEAMEO Centres/Network and Partners to submit the video clips 1 October 2020
Deadline for SEAMEO Centres and Partners to submit the video clips 19 October 2020
Evaluation and selection of video clips 19 - 23 October 2020
Announcement of Lecture Topics  23 October 2020
Announcement for students and teachers to register for the Online Lecture Series 26 October 2020
Actual Lecture Series 5 and 12 November 2020
Certification November-December 2020


Contact Person

Ms Anti Rismayanti
Programme Officer III
SEAMEO Secretariat